Cinema 4D Quicktip: Generate a Vertex Map based on Point Level Velocity

In this short tutorial I show you how to use the PLA Vertex Map XPresso script to generate a Vertex Map based on individual point velocity. So each point's speed determines how [...]

Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to tear up Geometry using Cloth Dynamics

In this tutorial I explain how to tear up geometry using Cinema 4D's Cloth Dynamics while keeping an object's animation intact. I also explain how to use XPresso and a MoGraph Effector [...]

Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to manipulate hundreds of Deformers with a MoGraph Effector and XPresso

In this tutorial I'll show you how to use a MoGraph Effector to control loads of Spherify Deformers. Project File:

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Using X-Particles for Dynamic Simulations (using XP 3.5)

In this tutorial I'm using the recently published X-Particles 3.5 to improve dynamics simulations with dust/debris even more. I'm also using the Question/Answer system to have more control over the spawned debris. [...]

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Using XPresso and Python to throw some Balls around

This this tutorial we are calculating trajectories in XPresso. I'm using Python Script to calculate an equation that would be rather complex if it would be done with XPresso Nodes only. I'm [...]

Cinema 4D Tutorial: X-Particles and TurbulenceFD for Dynamic Simulations

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to use X-Particles and TurbulenceFD to create additional debris and dust or smoke for your C4D dynamics simulations. Follow up Tutorial (using XP [...]

Cinema 4D Tutorial: Smoke Flower with TurbulenceFD and XParticles

In this Cinema 4D tutorial I show you how to animate a blooming flower using X-Particles and TurbulenceFD.