The London based studio BLINKINK reached out as they needed help creating a comical ad for Mighty, a web service that accelerates your internet browsing experience.


The super cool guys at Frost asked me to create the CG car for the Vinfast US teaser.
I was responsible for lighting, shading, and animation of all the CG shots.

Client: VinFast
Agency: AKQA
Studio: Frost Motion

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

I’ve had the pleasure to join the awesome team at SPOV and be part of Activision’s Black Ops Series (I used to play way too much CoD back in the days to let this one slide)
Over the course of roughly a year (which felt like 3 years once lockdown hit us) we’ve developed a visual aesthetic that turned Call Of Duy: Black Ops Cold War’s single player mode cinematics into an era appropriate cold war spy movie nostalgia trip.
We mixed 3D scenes with archival footage, recreated a lot of high res 2D maps and documents, while also shooting off an old CRT monitor with some good old signal interferrence (read: wiggling the cable)

I was leading the 3D team through the whole process from modelling in Cinema4D and texturizing assets in Substance Painter, over assembling and lighting the 3D scenes, to wrangling the big amount of Redshift renders we had to deliver on a very tight schedule towards the end.
The whole process was a massive learning experience for everyone (not just because we were forced to work from home at some point, spoiler alert: remotely working on two 4K screens is very impractical, bandwidth wise) and I’m really proud of the whole team and the end result.

We have also managed to keep the whole compositing pipeline fairly Adobe free, which by itself was quite a milestone for us. Blackmagic Fusion will be my compositing software of choice for future projects of that calibre and I can only recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the budget for a Nuke license.

Studio Head: Allen Leitch
Creative Directors: Mantas Grigaitis and Agnes Kasilovska
Head of Production: Jasmine Christmas
Director of Operations: Jacqueline Clarke
Lead 3D Supervisor: Florian Thamer
Art Direction: Mantas Grigaitis and Dave Penn
3D Team: Julio Dean, Roger Chiaw, James Brocklebank, Ferdinando Spagnolo, Lisander Qorri, Batu Cologlu, Jon Yeo, Matt Polechoński, Helder Ferreira, Ryan Close
2D Team: Simon Staines, Samantha Thompson, Sean McNulty, Thomas Pircher, Chris Sayer, Jason Pickthall
Compositing: Luíz Afonso Mota, Danit Klibansky, David Mir
Archivist: Jen Owen
Production Team: Didem Bayrak, Tim Rabjohns, Valentina König
Research Team: Martynas Stoskus, Vincent Kane, Steve Bergson, Gerry Healy, Alexey Kormilitsyn
Development Team: Gordon Spurs, Keko Ahmed, Julian Harding, Kieran Gee Finch, Craig Herd



Duration: ca. 17 Minutes

A human lifetime is on a vastly different scale to earth’s deep geologic history. Epochs of evolution have created our complex ecosphere but we are now witnessing its collapse. The escalation of human activity is creating ecological breakdown yet, in our age of acceleration, it is rare to slow down long enough to see what is happening before our eyes and within our grasp. In a city like London, the pace of consumption is the same as in a busy gallery where it becomes difficult to engage with what is happening to our planet. Amidst a growing number of storms, the system in front of you is collapsing, whether you decide to witness it is up to you.

The visuals are designed around 24 datastreams from global ecological and geopolitical phenomena (e.g. CO2 ppm in the atmosphere, average mass of glaciers, world population, GDP, Micro-plastics in the ocean, military spending, ozone depleting substance emissions, global meat production). This data is fed into the system until it takes over and rips itself apart.

The artwork was shown in the exhibition Mars & Beyond in the Bargehouse Gallery, London, UK from 22 Feb to 15 Mar 2020 – just as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic started to grind the economy and life as we knew it to a halt.

Technical Details:
The artwork was created in Maxon Cinema 4D using the X-Particles Plugin, rendered in Redshift, postprocessed in Blackmagic Fusion and Adobe After Effects

Mercedes Benz Motorsport

The guys at M.A.R.K.13 asked me to help them on this spot for Mercedes Benz Motorsport and visualise the transition from their DTM team to their Formula E team.

Director: Patrick Tauss
DOPs: Simon Drescher & Adrian Schmidt
Producers: Wolfgang Kerber & Andi Reuscher
Art Director: Silvio Schwarz
CGI: Andi Idle, Vitek Sedlacek, Andrew Onufrienko, Florian Thamer, Georg Hempel, Philipp Hartmann, Bianca Schaurer-Spieß, Benedikt Röttger and many more….

The Seige – Back Up

The LA based hip hop duo The Seige asked me to create some CG sequences for their music video for the song “Back Up”.

The animations of the faces and the LED Walls on the background were done in After Effects, I animated the dance choreography and camera transitions in C4D and rendered it on Octane. There was not enough time to render actual volumetrics so I faked those in AE by using the 3D camera data to create accurate masks for the LED Walls and Trapcode Shine for some god rays.

Additional facial animation: Kerim Camdzic
Additional modelling: Nikita Shestakov
Character Rig: Marco Gifuni

CIFRA Warp Knit Seamless

Cifra produces warp knit seamless apparel for the likes of Nike, Adidas and LuLuLemon and has been at the forefront of the revolutionary production method since its inception.

My friends from Rokabye were commissioned to produce a film that showcased their exclusive, patented production method. The impressive technique allows Cifra to knit garments of any shape and size, with multiple diameters, entirely seamlessly. We expressed multiple USPs, unique to WKS, in a seamless journey, from initial design to final, colourful product.

Animation, Shading, Lighting, Particle Effects, Knitting Sim: Florian Thamer
Animation, Shading, Lighting, Product Renders: Marcus Chaloner


I was working with The Mill to create this Logo reveal for the make up company Coty.

Modelling, Lighting, Animation: Will MacNeil, Florian Thamer

Concept Artist: Cameron Johnson

Ford Mustang

Together with the super talented people at The Mill I’ve worked on this ad to promote the new 2018 Ford Mustang and the Personalizer App.

Fil Fury

Design Team:
Raj Davsi
Peter Tomaszewicz
Florian Thamer
Filiberto Chiarinelli

AMC Prime

I’ve worked with the great guys from Trizz in sunny Barcelona on the Pre Show visuals for AMC Prime.
I created particle effects and an audio visualisation for the ‘Don’t Ruin The Movie’ part.

Director: Oriol Puig
CGI Supervisor: Oriol Mayolas
Lead Animator: Hugo Garcia



The amazing guys from Sehsucht asked me to do some particle shots for the presentation of their LS+ concept car.

Client: Lexus Japan

Agency: Dentsu Tokyo
ECD: Hiroyuki Ito
CD: Yoshio Tanahashi
PL: Yuma Matsubara,
AD: Tomonori Saito
Agency Producer: Toshihiko Miki /  Tsuyoshi Kanekiyo
AE: Sakumi Nakajo / Takashi Makinouchi

Production: AOI Pro. Inc.
Executive producer: Hirohide Takene
Producer: Atsushi Kakuya / Riki Sakai

VFX & POSTPRODUCTION: Sehsucht Hamburg
DIRECTOR: Hans Schultheiss
DOP: Neels Feil
Art Department: Axel Brötje, Steven Cormann
Editor: Peer Arne, Jörn Fallendorf
3D:Timo von Wittken,  Sebastian Welti, Max Zachner, Deniz Kress, Alexander Siquans,Rafael Vincente
Motion Design: Arjen van der Wal, Florian Thamer
Compositing: Florian Zachau, Patrick Altmaier, Christian Reimann
Sehsucht Producer: Tanya Curnow, Frauke Fudickar,Felix Niehoff
Colour Grading: Xavi Santolaya

Ghost In The Shell

I’ve worked with the amazing team at MPC Design to create and animate 3D assets and UI elements to be used in the ‘Hologlobes’ throughout’ the film


Rupert Sanders

Paramount Pictures

Production VFX Supervisors
Guillaume Rocheron, John Dykstra

Creative Director
Ryan Jefferson Hays

VFX Supervisors
Greg McKneally, Marcus Dryden

VFX Producer
Russell Forde

VFX Production Coordinators
Stefano Salvini, Goutham Hampankatta

MPC Design Creative Director
Ryan Jefferson Hays

VFX Team
Steve Oakley, Pedrom Dadgostar, Hendrik Freuer, Mike Little, Ross McCabe, Thomas Carrick, Anthony Bloor, Flavia Minnone, Mattias Lullini, Michael Diprose, Marcel Ruegenberg, Florence Ciuccoli, Jacob T. Oommen, Elangovan Ganeshan, Earnest Victor, Alexander Kulikov, Alex Snookes, Alessandro Granella, Alessandro Granella, Sugumar S, Andreas Feix, Pratyush Paruchuri, Giles Hicks, Mohanakrishnan C, Denis Krez, Edward Taylor

Design Team
James Brocklebank, Kerim Camdzic, Andrea Braga, Matthew Campbell, Florian Thamer, David Bauer, Michael Drayton, Gordon Spurs

Music & Sound Design

Adult Swim

The great guys at Art&Graft asked me to visualise the obnoxious AI in the 2017 Adult Swim film for the Turner Upfront party.

An Art&Graft Project.
Working as part of the Art&Graft in-house team

Cole Haan

I was working with the guys at Futuredeluxe on these two spots for Cole Haan’s new Zero Grand shoe

Chris White
Florian Thamer
Gabor Ekes
Elias Freiberger

Puls 4

In this film I did the destruction, fluid and particle simulations.

Client: Eat My Dear

Florian Thamer
Georg Fasswald
Andre Heiter
Marijan Schedler
Markus Hornof
Patrick Sturm

British Arrows

For the 40th anniversary of the British Arrows award show I created two logo animations that were being shown during the event.

Client: MPC

Tom Robinson
Stephen Ross
Florian Thamer
Elliot Hobdell


I did the smoke simulation on the Chai flavour pack.

Client: MPC

Director: Rupert Cresswell

3D Team:
Florian Thamer
Timo Lenton
James Thexton

BMW – Efficient Dynamics

To showcase their latest innovation – EfficientDynamics – Eat My Dear was asked to create this full CG viral movie for BMW Austria – featuring a special guest!
I was responsible for modelling, texturing, lighting and rigging.

Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann

Direction/Animation: Eat My Dear

Andre Heiter
Florian Thamer
Georg Fasswald
Markus Hornof
Patrick Sturm

Music and Sound Design: Twospirits.at

Inner Tongue – Fallen Empire

In this music video for Inner Tongue’s debut track Fallen Empire I did the particle simulation towards the end, as the tennis balls and picture frames hit the court.


Full CG Imagemovie for the EWW Group, who provides Electricity, Gas, Thermal Energy, Water and more for residents living in the area of Wels, Austria.

I created the particle animations in the beginning and the end of the film.

Production: Sinisa Vidovic, Forafilm

Design/Artdirection/Animation: Eat My Dear

Marco Fontan
Florian Thamer
Bimo Wisaksono
Markus Hornof
Patrick Sturm


Mixed Live Action and CG Imagemovie for Central Europe’s leading wholesaler for wood and wooden materials.
I modelled and animated the clockwork and the network part.

Client: Eat My Dear

Production: Forafilm

Live Direction: Sinisa Vidovic

Design/Artdirection/Animation: Eat My Dear

Marco Fontan
Florian Thamer
Bimo Wisaksono
Markus Hornof
Patrick Sturm


TV Commercial for EVN (an Austrian electricity company)
Client: Eat My Dear

ATV – Pfusch am Bau

Pfusch am Bau is an Austrian TV series about uncovering flaws on buildings.
I’ve created the opener and all the graphic overlays for the show.

Client: Eat My Dear


Revolog produces special effect films for analog photographic cameras. Every film is handmade.
I created this teaser film for Revolog’s store opening in Vienna.

Client: Revolog

Move Rise Flow

A personal project to see the capabilities of VideoCopilot’s Element3D plugin

Software Used: After Effects, Element3D, Trapcode Particular

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Kronen Zeitung

TV commercial for Kronen Zeitung (an Austrian newspaper)

Client: Eat My Dear


A short personal project for a non-existent bicycle company
Software used: Adobe After Effects

Birds Of A Feather

A personal project to practice particle effects

Software Used: After Effects, Trapcode Particular