My name is Florian Thamer, I was born in 1985 and raised in beautiful Bregenz, Austria.
After an unsuccesful 4 year approach in becoming an engineer I've decided to change paths and became a prepress technician. It's a fancy word but you could probably call it "photo retoucher for print".
Eventually I moved to Vienna (also in Austria) and found my love for animation and 3D design.
In 2015 I traded mountains, lakes and sausages for living in London, UK and have since been freelancing from here.

I mainly work with Cinema 4D, Houdini and After Effects.


I do appreciate a good old fashioned email if you want to reach out to me.

Below you'll find the obligatory social buttons in case you want to follow me or simply get in touch.

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Check my Vimeo for the video content that didn't make the cut for the website, and a couple C4D Tutorials
My Instagram has my personal visual explorations
My Medium page contains one article about why you should never use PNG files for animations (seriously, don't.)
I've never understood LinkedIn, yet there's a link to my profile below as well

three wolf moon 2022