The Mill

Bulgari Holiday Season

I've worked with The Mill and Mill+ to collaborate with luxury Italian fashion house, Bulgari, to create a striking collection of 3D billboards, to be displayed across China, the USA, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. 

I was tasked to set up the animation, shaders and lighting for the hero creative for this campaign which was then adapted for the 15 locations worldwide by the Mill Design team.

Production Company: Mill+
Executive Producer: Kate Ryan
Producer: Teddie Hanifan
Creative Director: Anthony Fieldsend
Design Lead – Jayden Kimpton
Design: Sam Singleton, Sifagul ‘Rose’ Keser, Andrei Poleshko, Alex Petrovsky, Maxim Goudin, Jack Holmes, Adam Roche, Barry Chapman, Florian Thamer, Paul Bloomfield

Post Production Company: The Mill
Edit: Zoe Izzard
Online – Polly Gwinnett