Motorola - edge 40 neo

Los York

Motorola edge 40 neo Campaign Video

Together with the fantastic team at Los York I worked on multiple films for the 2023 Motorola smartphone lineup. 

In a big team effort I've been part of the creation of style frames, 3D animation, shading and lighting of the products.


I created the look and feel of the blue world for the Caneel Bay color variant. We went through over a hundred iterations of styleframes until we found something that the client liked. While in the beginning we created all styleframes mostly in 3D, we got more inspiration from Midjourney towards the end, which allowed us be more iterative with what we could show the client as we had to spend less time building 3D assets until we knew which direction we would pursue.


Agency - Los York

CCO - Seth Epstein
CFO - Melissa Redondo
Managing Director - Melina Osornio
Executive Creative Director - Scott Hidinger
Creative Director - Ergin Kuke, Timothy Williams
Associate Creative Director - Laura Pol
Executive Producers - Julia Torchine , Eric Zapakin
Brand Partner - Katy Rall
Senior Producers - Jazeel Gayle , Alex Kim , Steiner Kierce, Kelley McDermott
Production Coordinator - Tara Seewack
Design - Dorian Gourg, Rudy Taege, Sebastian Onufszak
Animation - Eduardo Escanho, Paul Goldsmith, Haeun Chang
2D Animation - Justin Bakie, Mel Zahar, Paul Goldsmith, Haeun Chang
CG Generalist - Advaldo Viera, Rudy Taege, Florian Thamer, Leo Esteves
VFX - Renato Montorro
Editor - Chip Sneed
Assistant Editor - Hanna Sturwold
Retoucher - Jon Parr
Media Manager - Rod Thomas

Song- ReauBeau - We Got This (feat. Ava Nova)