EA x Adidas

The Mill

EA x Adidas

I was working with the in-house team at The Mill to create this spot to promote the release of limited edition shirts from a collaboration between EA SPORTS and Adidas.

Agency EA
Producer Anthony Doyle, Thomas Gent
Editorial: Editors Matthew Newman, Theo Gibara
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Thomas Mangham

Production Company (Design): The Mill
Directors: Oliver Davies, Stip
Service Provider: Luttrell Productions
VFX Creative: The Mill
Creative Director: Tom Dibb
Directors: Oliver Davies, Stip
Online Artist: David Wishart, James Pratt
Design: Paul Bloomfield, Sam Singleton, Henry Foreman, Kenny Addeh, Matthew Campbell, Oliver Johnson, Enric Rodriguez, Roly Edwards, Florian Thamer, Katie McQuillan, Anthony Fieldsend, Rajinder Davsi, Kwok Fung Lam
Storyboard Artist: Sav Akyuz
VFX Production: The Mill
Producer: Nicole Duncan
Assistant Producer: James Yeo