Global Tax Conference

Really Bright Media

Global Tax Conference

London based studio Really Bright Media approached me and asked if I wanted to create an opening sequence for the stage at the Global Tax Conference 2022. They sent me a couple reference pictures and said, the rest would be up to me.

I decided to create a canyon inspired by the Antelope Canyons in Arizona, that would transform from being all black into the brand red over the course of the sequence.


I've set up the animatic, with light and camera moves in C4D and brought the scenes into Houdini to do the sand simulations.

For rendering I used Redshift which I could use to seamlessly bring assets from C4D to Houdini via RSProxies with the shaders intact. The scenes with no moving sand were rendered in C4D, whereas the simulation shots came straight out of Houdini.

Studio: ´╗┐Really Bright Media
Creative Director:
Gary Roberts
3D: Florian Thamer