The Seige - Back Up

Client: The Seige

The Seige - Back Up

The LA based hip hop duo The Seige asked me to create the CG sequences for their music video for the song "Back Up".

The animations of the faces and the LED Walls on the background were done in After Effects, I animated the dance choreography and camera transitions in C4D and rendered it in Octane. There was not enough time to render actual volumetrics so I faked those in AE by using the 3D camera data to create accurate masks for the LED Walls and Trapcode Shine for some god rays.

Additional facial animation: Kerim Camdzic
Additional modelling: Nikita Shestakov
Character Rig: Marco Gifuni


Funnily enough, as life pans out sometimes, the final renders never made it to the editor's email and into the actual music video. The shots on the Youtube version are half-composited, half-res WIP renders. Things are like that sometimes...